Nomenclatural Appendix

THE BIGGEST MIЯROR : The Term "Grand Canyon" as Used in Geographical Nomenclature, Analogy, Metaphor and Neology

OVERVIEW. These compilations collate numerous usages of the term, “Grand Canyon”, as applied to other physical features on Earth and other worlds, and as used in analogy, metaphor and neology. This comprehensive gathering of the neological “other” Grand Canyons—physical, imaginary and literary—is like a musical canon that has a melody and repeated imitations of it. In also extracting concepts of the physical Grand Canyon for other purposes, each example in these compilations is a hyponym of their hypernym, the “real” Grand Canyon.

Section 1: Naming “Grand Canyons” Around the World, on Other Worlds, and in the Imagination

Section 2: “Grand Canyon” in Analogy, Metaphor and Neology