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THE GRAND CANONA Worldwide Bibliography of the Grand Canyon and Lower Colorado River Regions in the United States and Mexico, 1535-2018

          This edition commemorates the Centennial of            Grand Canyon National Park and the Sesquicentennial of John Wesley Powell's first Colorado River expedition

Most documents on this site are in PDF.

This unique bibliography contains 90,000 categorized and augmented citations of publications from around the world in 95 languages, with extensive background and supporting information.  It embraces the Grand Canyon and Colorado River regions in Arizona, Nevada, California, Baja California, and Sonora, including the Colorado River delta and adjacent upper Gulf of California.

On this website the entire volume of more than 11,500 pages is divided into its 32 subject-specific parts (plus front matter), a presentation that many users may prefer.  Those who need the contiguous volume, with fully functional hyperlinks throughout, will be linked to another site.

The volume is presented in monographic format, which PDF users may wish to display as opposing pages like a book, using the appropriate viewing mode of the Adobe PDF viewer, with different first page.  Navigation is helped by the ample use of embedded hyperlinks, though they are not essential for general use or browsing. However, in each extracted part of the bibliography hyperlinks that redirect to other parts of the bibliography are not active (for which see the whole, contiguous volume).

Additional material includes matter relating to the craft of bibliography and the significance of monographic bibliographies even in the digital age.

Illustration:  “Granite Falls.─Kaibab Division.─Grand Cañon.”  By Thomas Moran.  Engraved by H. H. Nichols.  (Clarence E. Dutton, Tertiary History of the Grand Cañon District, U.S. Geological Survey Monograph 2, 1882, Plate XXXI.)

Raven’s Perch colophon:  Detail from “Camp─Colorado Plateau”, by Heinrich Balduin Möllhausen.  In Joseph C. Ives, Report Upon the Colorado River of the West, Explored in 1857 and 1858 . . . . (U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, 1861), [Part I] General Report, Plate VII.  [Lithograph by J. J. Young, after original watercolor and gouache artwork by Möllhausen.]