Part 32


Items not about the Grand Canyon or Colorado River per se but having a venue in the Grand Canyon or related area in the vicinity, items unrelated to but utilizing the Grand Canyon in non-metaphorical senses such as topics used with direct application to the Grand Canyon without occurring there; and occasional items similarly relating to the lower Colorado River region

OVERVIEW. This part contains citations which are themselves not about the Grand Canyon but refer to the Grand Canyon as a venue—for example, meetings and conferences about subjects other than the Canyon held at Grand Canyon. Similarly there are marginal references to nearby Grand Canyon locales, which are embraced within this bibliography, and significant commemorative uses of the Grand Canyon name. While these citations do not specifically contain information about the Canyon, they are peripherally a part of the history, awareness and responsiveness to the Canyon, emphasizing its cultural reach globally and in human attentions. Similarly, a few items relating to the lower Colorado River are noted here. Occasional items may relate directly to the history of these regions; while not specifically mentioning them, the publication may be used in support of historical studies.