Part 29


Computer media and selected digital interactive media for personal devices, which include the Grand Canyon or the lower Colorado River region

OVERVIEW. This part includes items that were released only in a computer-readable format. Digital materials that were released as supplementary files to printed articles and books, although so indicated in citations elsewhere in this bibliography, are not separately included in this part. Also included are announcements and similar items regarding media that are designed for digital personal-pad products such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android [some products in use as of 2014, for example]. Further included here are articles that may explain how certain computerized media were created. Web-based media are excluded from this bibliography due to the likelihood of individual products being inaccessible in the future. Personal (hand-held) media such as Kindle editions of books are likewise excluded because of their narrowly restrictive limitations to proprietary products and inconsistent data on provenance and availability (as well as uncertainty of future accessibility). While the definition of such products has blurred—for example, CD-ROM products including audio recordings can be construed to be “computer media”—the focus of this part of the bibliography is on graphical and interactive material; for example, map programs, interactive travel guides, older-style “screen savers”, and games. While web-based media are omitted due to their ephemeral nature, included here are announcements and similar items that pertain to digital personal-pad devices (“apps”, or applications); this is to make known bibliographically the existence of these products through the publications that were used to promote them. The “apps” themselves are not cited because, as like their web-posted counterparts, the ability to acquire these things in the future will diminish to zero.