Part 15


Issues relating to human health and safety and the well-being of the public and professional community in the Grand Canyon region or on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, and on Lake Mead; including items pertaining to accidents and mishap

OVERVIEW.  This part lists items relating to human health, safety, and public well-being in the Grand Canyon National Park and immediate vicinity. Because the waters of Lake Mead encroach upon the lower portion of Grand Canyon, for bibliographical convenience this part is expanded to include all items that relate to public health and safety in the Lake Mead region overall. Included here are human-health studies made during the building of Hoover Dam. However, issues relating to Lake Mead pollution and its attendant concerns are relegated to Part 11, Section 1 of this bibliography. Items pertaining to issues of workplace harassment are included in Part 15. Items pertaining to infrastructure that has direct bearing on the topics of health and safety are included here as well. This part also lists documents on therapeutic programs, mishaps, rescues, accident investigations, missing persons, and cautionary reports by example.