The First Edition of THE GRAND CANON (2012) included many pages of graphical material, designed to increase the visual appeal of the bibliography and to introduce its users to some of the topics contained therein. A selection of these graphical pages comprises this Pictorial Introduction.

Included here are pages that were designed as frontispieces to the 32 separate parts of the bibliography. Some of these pages were organized as part of spreads of two or more pages.

Redesigning THE GRAND CANON for the Second Edition (2015) removed these graphical pages to avoid problems in creating the PDF and to improve navigation via hyperlinks in the bibliography.

The information conveyed by these illustrations is restored through the creation of this independent Pictorial Introduction, with minor edits. Hopefully this is an interesting, casual way to draw attention to the enormously wonderful diversity of human affairs in the Grand Canyon and lower Colorado River regions — and the nearly 500 years of published materials that provide the evidentiary record of those activities.