The Introduction and Coverage portion of the volume is separately paginated.

Download the principal components of the Introduction and Coverage section as a single PDF (5MB) (pp. 1-152, 378-403, omitting the "Periodicals and Serials Cited" section).  See below for links to the separate sections as individual PDFs.

The one-page Abstract (in English, from Introduction p. 3) or the one-page Resumen (in Spanish, from Introduction p. 5) are accessible through the "ABSTRACT/RESUMEN" tab at the top of the page.

Why Two Bibliographies?  Why a "Grand Canon"?   (Introduction pp. 7-16)

Purpose, Administrative Context, and Utility of This Work   (Introduction pp. 17-50)

Coverage and Format of the Bibliography   (Introduction pp. 51-146)

Author Pseudonyms and Variant Names   (Introduction pp. 147-152)

Periodicals and Serials Cited   (Introduction pp. 153-375)

Name Changes and Numeration Notes for Selected Periodicals and Serials   (Introduction pp. 377-403)