The Introduction and Coverage portion of the volume is separately paginated.

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The one-page Abstract (in English, from Introduction p. 3) or the one-page Resumen (in Spanish, from Introduction p. 5) are accessible through the "ABSTRACT/RESUMEN" tab at the top of the page.

Why Two Bibliographies?  Why a "Grand Canon"?   (Introduction pp. 7-16)


NOTE:  The online bibliography database, with the URL, is offline as of October 2021, fully superseded by THE GRAND CANON.  This chapter will not appear in the forthcoming 4th Edition of TGC.

Purpose, Administrative Context, and Utility of This Work   (Introduction pp. 17-50)

Coverage and Format of the Bibliography   (Introduction pp. 51-146)

Author Pseudonyms and Variant Names   (Introduction pp. 147-152)

Periodicals and Serials Cited   (Introduction pp. 153-375)

Name Changes and Numeration Notes for Selected Periodicals and Serials   (Introduction pp. 377-403)