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THE GRAND CANON : a worldwide bibliography of the Grand Canyon and lower Colorado River regions in the United States and Mexico, 1535–2018 : 90,000 categorized and augmented citations for publications from around the world in 95 languages, with extensive background and supporting information

by Earle E. Spamer

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Appendix II: “Variants of E. L. Kolb’s Through the Grand Canyon From Wyoming to Mexico” © Richard D. Quartaroli

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Spamer, Earle Edward (1952– )
The Grand Canon — 3rd edition
11,724 p. : pagination [I-X], I-XVI, [1-2], A-M, Español A-N, [1-2], i-xiii [xiv], Introduction 1-487 [488], [1-2], Bibliography 1- 10,993 [10,994], [1-2], Nomenclatural Appendix 1-163 [164], [1-2] : Portable Document Format (PDF); distributed on various digital media (DVD, USB drive) and online download


The Grand Canon, produced in digital format, renews and updates the monographic presentation of out-of-print inkprint editions of the Bibliography of the Grand Canyon and the Lower Colorado River by Earle E. Spamer (Grand Canyon Natural History Association, 1981, 1990, 1993). It complements but significantly elaborates upon and expands the online, searchable database ( sponsored by the Grand Canyon Association 2000–2019 (since 2018 the Grand Canyon Conservancy). The bibliography presented in The Grand Canon is the definitive version. This is not a commercial product and is not distributed by sale. The author receives no remuneration or services for the preparation or distribution of this product. Neither the Grand Canyon Conservancy, the National Park Service, nor any of the bibliographical contributors, are in any way responsible for the production or distribution of this work. Citations or remarks that mention ®Registered Trademarks, ™Trademarks, (sm)Service Marks, or other protected names and identifiers are not here endorsements of those products or services. The inclusion of a citation in this work documents only its existence; views expressed therein do not necessarily represent the views of the author or any of the bibliographical contributors. Quotations from works are made as critical analyses for bibliographical identification, to corroborate and elucidate for users the pertinence of the cited work to the bibliography or to confirm subject placement within the scope of this work, and as aids for users to identify the whole of a published work that may be pertinent to their work or interests. Ascertaining the availability or accessibility of cited items is the responsibility of the user.

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