Part 3

The New York Times

Grand Canyon and lower Colorado River articles and reports in The New York Times from 1851 to Present

OVERVIEW. The New York Times has long been widely available on microfilm, and now in digital format. The first issue of what originally was named New-York Daily Times appeared September 18, 1851 (changed to The New York Times in 1857). Its comprehensive and authoritative editorial view of national affairs, as well as its traditionally well-respected writing, makes it a useful resource on national perspectives of events and issues in the Southwest. The longevity of this newspaper allows it to serve the Grand Canyon-Colorado River bibliography back to the time of the first American expeditions through what would be Arizona, by Lorenzo Sitgreaves (1851) and Joseph C. Ives (1857-1858) as well as on the Colorado by John Wesley Powell (1869, 1871, 1872).