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Appendix I.  Bibliographical Notes on the Leipzig Imprints of Balduin Möllhausen's Reisen in die Felsengebirge Nord-Amerikas.... (1860, 1861)

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Appendix II.  Variants of Ellsworth L. Kolb's Through the Grand Canyon from Wyoming to Mexico (1914–2018).  Richard D. Quartaroli, compiler.

Appendix III.  Variants of N. H. Darton's Story of the Grand Canyon (1917–1987)

Appendix IV.  Variants of Edwin D. McKee's Ancient Landscapes of the Grand Canyon Region (1931–2020)

Appendix V.  Illustrated Reference List of Atlas Sheets in Clarence E. Dutton's Tertiary History of the Grand Cañon District (1882, 1885)