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Raven's Perch Media is a reference and resource service for all individuals, organizations, or administrative agencies who have interests or stakeholder concerns in the Grand Canyon and Lower Colorado River regions of the United States and Mexico

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Although some web pages and PDFs are provided in Spanish translation, the principal language of this website and its products is English.  [Aunque algunas páginas web y archivos PDF se proporcionan en traducción al español, el idioma principal de este sitio web y sus productos es el inglés.]

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Recently produced products are listed on this page, newest first.  Descriptions are provided along with download links.  The product descriptions and links are also provided in their pertinent sections under other tabs of this website.

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This is a consolidated, itemized list of all primary Raven’s Perch Media products.

Each title is accompanied by its direct download link. In each section below, access the separate webpage links to view listings of these publications with descriptions and other detailed information; download links are available on all webpages.

Newer editions for many of these items are always in progress.

  THE GRAND CANON   (https://ravensperch.org/the_grand_canon/)

This tab introduces THE GRAND CANON: A Worldwide Bibliography of the Grand Canyon and Lower Colorado River Regions in the United States and Mexico.

Canon: an essential guide or list

THE GRAND CANON is produced in three volumes (each volume can be downloaded as a single PDF):

Volume 1: Introduction and Bibliography [4th edition is currently available]

Volume 2: Cartobibliography [2nd edition is currently available]

Volume 3: Grand Canyon: Colossal Mirror [first edition is currently available; comprising three sections: 1) Naming “Grand Canyons” Around the World, On Other Worlds, and In the Imagination, 2) The Term “Grand Canyon” in Analogy, Metaphor, and Neology, and 3) Appendix: Colorado River Nomenclature

Links are also provided for earlier editions of these products.  Although each edition fully supersedes the one before it, each edition has some variation of front matter and illustrative material.

The homepage also provides a quick table of contents to the three volumes, and separate links are available to download PDFs of detailed tables of contents.

Several drop-downs under this tab provide separate information:

  NEW USERS / NUEVOS USUARIOS  (https://ravensperch.org/new-users-nuevos-usuarios/)

Short introductory “Notes To New Users” in English and Spanish.

Breve introducción "Notas para nuevos usuarios" en inglés y español.

  ABSTRACT / RESUMEN  (https://ravensperch.org/abstract-2/)

A brief summary of the content and purpose of THE GRAND CANON, in English and Spanish.

Un breve resumen del contenido y propósito de THE GRAND CANON, en inglés y español.

  EXECUTIVE OVERVIEW / RESUMEN EJECUTIVO  (https://ravensperch.org/executive-overview/)

Links to PDFs of the Executive Overview, which describes the purpose and content of THE GRAND CANON, in English or Spanish.

Enlaces a archivos PDF del resumen ejecutivo, que describe el propósito y el contenido de THE GRAND CANON, en inglés o español.

  MAP / MAPA  (https://ravensperch.org/map/)

Maps delineate the geographical coverage area embraced by THE GRAND CANON, in English or Spanish.  Also shown is a view from space of the coverage area, without labeling.  The maps may also be downloaded as PDFs.

Los mapas delinean el área de cobertura geográfica abarcada por THE GRAND CANON, en inglés o español. También se muestra una vista desde el espacio del área de cobertura, sin etiquetado. Los mapas también se pueden descargar en formato PDF.

  INFORMACIÓN EN ESPAÑOL   (https://ravensperch.org/informacion-en-espanol-4/)

Una página en español que proporciona un enlace a un documento PDF que comprende todas las páginas en español extraídas de la Introducción a THE GRAND CANON. También se proporcionan en esta página enlaces (en español) para descargar varias partes principales de THE GRAND CANON.

A Spanish-language page that provides a link to a PDF document that comprises all Spanish-language pages extracted from the Introduction to THE GRAND CANON.  Also provided on this page are links (in Spanish) to download various principal parts of THE GRAND CANON.

  PICTORIAL INTRODUCTION  (https://ravensperch.org/pictorial-introduction/)

This webpage provides a link to a specially composed PDF:

The First Edition of THE GRAND CANON (2012) included many pages of graphical material, designed to increase the visual appeal of the bibliography and to introduce its users to some of the topics contained therein. A selection of these graphical pages comprises this Pictorial Introduction.

Included here are pages that were designed as frontispieces to the 32 separate parts of the bibliography. Some of these pages were organized as part of spreads of two or more pages.

Redesigning THE GRAND CANON for the Second Edition (2015) removed these graphical pages to avoid problems in creating the PDF and to improve navigation via hyperlinks in the bibliography.

The information conveyed by these illustrations is restored through the creation of this independent Pictorial Introduction, with minor edits. Hopefully this is an interesting, casual way to draw attention to the enormously wonderful diversity of human affairs in the Grand Canyon and lower Colorado River regions — and the nearly 500 years of published materials that provide the evidentiary record of those activities.

  VOLUME 1: INTRODUCTION TO THE BIBLIOGRAPHY  (https://ravensperch.org/volume-1-introduction-and-bibliography/)

This tab provides dropdowns for all parts of the Introduction to THE GRAND CANON (also referred to as “front matter”).

Clicking on each dropdown will go to a page with brief descriptions and breakdowns, and individual links to PDFs for all breakdowns:

  • Volume Contents
  • Preamble (or, Read Me)
  • Introduction and Coverage
  • Surveys and Commentaries
  • Statistics
  • Appendices to the Bibliography

  JUST THE BIBLIOGRAPHY   (https://ravensperch.org/services/)

This tab provides drop-downs for each of the 32 separate parts of the bibliography (the main component of THE GRAND CANON).  This page also provides a list of the 32 parts.  Users are also afforded the opportunity to download the entire Volume 1 as a single PDF without having to return to the homepage.

Each dropdown contains the title and overview of that part of the bibliography, and a link to download the PDF only of that part.

♦  VOLUME 2: CARTOBIBLIOGRAPHY   (https://ravensperch.org/volume-2-cartobibliography/)

Link to download the PDF of the most recent volume of the Cartobibliography.  The text of this volume’s abstract is also provided on this page.

Appended to this page are descriptions and links to complementary volumes of cartographical interest that have been produced by Raven’s Perch Media separately from THE GRAND CANON.

  VOLUME 3: COLOSSAL MIRROR   (https://ravensperch.org/the-colossal-mirror/)

“Grand Canyon: Colossal Mirror” is a comprehensive list of the “other” Grand Canyons—physical, imaginary and literary—around the world and on other worlds. It identifies more than a thousand usages of the term, “Grand Canyon”, as applied to other geographical features and as used in analogy, metaphor and neology.

This webpage provides the text of the “General Introduction” and a link to download the PDF of this volume.

  SPECIAL BIOLOGICAL BIBLIOGRAPHIES   (https://ravensperch.org/special-biological-bibliographies/)

Links to PDFs of separately produced special biological bibliographies that relate to separate fields of organismal biology of the Grand Canyon and Lower Colorado River regions.

These bibliographies are extracted from among the citations in THE GRAND CANON Volume 1 (4th Edition, 2022).  They are occasionally updated on this website and include citations that have been added to the overall 5th Edition that is being compiled (but with no projected date of completion).

  • Citations for modern organisms of the greater Grand Canyon region are copied from Part 19 of the bibliography.
  • Citations about the ichthyology of the Lower Colorado River — Glen Canyon Dam to the Colorado River delta, tributaries in Grand Canyon, and the lower Virgin and Muddy Rivers — are copied from Part 11/Section 1 and Part 19.
  • Citations for the Colorado River limitrophe and delta regions are copied from Part 11/Section 1.
  • Citations for the Salton Sea and Imperial–Mexicali Valley are copied from Part 11/Section 1.

The special biological bibliographies omit some items that relate to ecological analyses generally, such as studies of applied ecology or that have no explicit organismal focus, and documents that more strictly address administrative aspects of environmental mangement. Such resources will be found in the more inclusive listings of these and other parts of THE GRAND CANON Volume 1. However, for Lake Mead, the Salton Sea and Imperial–Mexicali Valley region, and the Colorado River delta region there also are special bibliographies on the biology, ecology, and environment of these areas.

  • Citations for paleontology of the Grand Canyon region are copied from Part 21.

  OTHER SPECIAL BIBLIOGRAPHIES & VOLUMES   (https://ravensperch.org/other-special-bibliographies/)

Links to PDFs of separately produced, specially arranged bibliographies that are distinct from the 32 parts of the main bibliography (Volume 1 of THE GRAND CANON).

Also listed on this webpage are descriptions and links to other volumes that are independent bibliographical and historical contributions to Grand Canyon and Colorado River studies.

  COPYRIGHT   (https://ravensperch.org/copyright/)

This webpage provides a unified 2022 copyright and fair-use statement for the three volumes of THE GRAND CANON — 4th Edition of the bibliography (including the extracts available through this website), 2nd Edition of the cartobibliography, and 1st edition of the "Colossal Mirror" compendium.

Other individual volumes available on this website, published in various years, include either comparable copyright and liberal fair-use notices, but may specifically state different copyright notices or in a few cases may waive copyright protection in order to release those publications in the public domain.  These notices are usually placed on the title-page verso (the so-called copyright page) of these publications.

  ABOUT / CONTACT   (https://ravensperch.org/about/)

Information about Raven’s Perch Media and contact information.

  [RAVEN’S PERCH ANNEX]  (https://ravensperch.org/ravens-perch-annex/)

The Raven's Perch Annex contains files that are NOT related to the Grand Canyon and Lower Colorado River regions.

The Annex is used to post documents pertaining to genealogy, for the use of family and any interested parties.  They have been distributed elsewhere by Earle Spamer, in printed and digital formats.  Posting the PDF versions to this website allows for convenient management on one host site.