Part 21


Earth sciences of the Grand Canyon region, including extralimital studies of the continuity of Grand Canyon strata, regional structure and tectonics, regional groundwater hydrology, and the geological evolution of the Colorado River

OVERVIEW. This part includes works about the geology and paleontology of the Grand Canyon (including hydrogeology of tributaries to the Colorado River, but excluding the hydrogeologic regime of the Colorado River), studies of Grand Canyon rock units and their stratigraphic continuity beyond the canyon-proper, studies of the structure and tectonics of southwestern North America where also embracing the Grand Canyon region, investigations of the evolution of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River (including studies extralimital to the scope this bibliography), studies of Mesozoic strata in the immediate Grand Canyon area, modern-groundwater studies of the region, and general reports on topographic and geologic mapping in the region. Some works  relating to the geological aspects of physical geography are also included here, as are also items that relate to the Grand Canyon (or Grand Canyonlike) computerized terrain models. Documents pertaining to the experiences of geological field work in this region are included in this part.


See also the separately produced Bibliography of Paleontology of the Grand Canyon Region, and in the Stratigraphic Continuity of Grand Canyon Formations.  This occassionally updated bibliography is composed of items extracted from Part 21 of THE GRAND CANON.  (Because this separate bibliography is updated more frequently than THE GRAND CANON online, future postings will include citations of items that were compiled after the completion of the 4th Edition of THE GRAND CANON Volume 1.)

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