Part 19


Publications on organismal biology, ecology, and modeling and research applications relating to biological communities in the Grand Canyon ecoregion, including the Colorado River corridor through the Grand Canyon; and general items relating to organismal resources in the region

OVERVIEW. This part includes documents on biological censuses and the biology and ecology of animal, plant, and protist organisms as occurring in the Grand Canyon region, including the Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam; and that part of Lake Mead that encroaches into western Grand Canyon. This part also includes biological reports and studies that have been part of scientific investigations conducted for the purpose of environmental management of public lands in the Grand Canyon region. Also included here are general articles about information on organisms, resources and activities; for example, fishing, hunting, and conservation. Documents that are Environmental Impact Statements, and similar administrative and guidance documents, are mostly included in PART 13 (ADMINISTRATIVE AND MANAGEMENT ISSUES) because they usually embrace multiple areas of administrative oversight, are not solely focused on ecological concerns as might be inferred from the title, and may offer a variety of management alternatives. Exceptions are those documents that are specifically or predominantly biological or ecological in perspective. Documents pertaining to the experiences of field work in this region are included in this part (Part 19).

Various special bibliographies on specific biological topics in the Grand Canyon region are available through the "SPECIAL BIOLOGICAL BIBLIOGRAPHIES" tab at the top of this web page.  The following topics are addressed separately:

  • Ichthyology of the Lower Colorado River:  Glen Canyon Dam to the Río Colorado Delta, Grand Canyon Tributaries, and Lower Virgin and Muddy Rivers [this bibliography typographically distinguishes between the Grand Canyon region and the region below Grand Canyon]
  • Non-Avian Terrestrial Vertebrates of the Grand Canyon Region (Including Bats)
  • Ornithology of the Grand Canyon Region
  • Entomology of the Grand Canyon Region (Insects, Arachnids, and Other Arthropods)
  • Invertebrates of the Grand Canyon Region (Except Insects and Other Arthropods)
  • Botany of the Grand Canyon Region
  • Protists and Other Microorganisms of the Grand Canyon Region