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A Worldwide Bibliography of the Grand Canyon and Lower Colorado River Regions in the United States and Mexico

THE GRAND CANON is a unique bibliography containing 106,000 categorized and augmented citations of publications from around the world in 114 languages, with extensive background and supporting information.  It is a bibliographical canon for the Grand Canyon and Colorado River regions in Arizona, Nevada, California, Baja California, and Sonora, including the Colorado River delta and adjacent upper Gulf of California. It cites publications produced between ca. 1535 and 2021. The bibliography project was begun by and has been continued by Earle E. Spamer for nearly 50 years (since 1974).

The series comprises three volumes: "Bibliography and Introduction", "Cartobibliography", and "Grand Canyon: Colossal Mirror" (see a quick list of the contents of these volumes in the frame to the right).  All three volumes can be downloaded as single PDFs (see buttons below).  (New editions of these volumes are currently in progress, but dates of completion are not scheduled at this time.)

On this website the entire bibliography of more than 13,700 pages is also divided into its 32 subject-specific parts. Each part, as well as other components of Volume 1, can be downloaded as individual PDFs. Many users will prefer this divided presentation because of the widely different subjects covered by the bibliography. All files are extracts from the full volume, retaining original pagination and layout. Use the "JUST THE BIBLIOGRAPHY" tab at the top of this webpage to access the individual parts, and for additional information about them.

SPECIALIZED BIBLIOGRAPHIES AND HISTORICAL VOLUMES are also available.  See the SPECIAL BIOLOGICAL BIBLIOGRAPHIES and the OTHER SPECIAL BIBLIOGRAPHIES & VOLUMES tabs at the top of the page.  [All recent additions are also compiled under the "NEW!" tab.]

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Additional material in Volume 1 includes essays relating to the craft of bibliography and the usefulness of monographic bibliographies even in the digital age.

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Users who are interested in downloading the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Edition of the bibliography, or the 1st Edition of the Cartobibliography, use the buttons below.  Bibliographical citations are cumulative from one edition to the next, thus earlier editions are superseded.  Later editions are greatly expanded, incorporate corrections, contain some format changes and re-editing of citations, and provide variant front matter.

Engraving, “Granite Falls.─Kaibab Division.─Grand Cañon.”  By Thomas Moran.

“Granite Falls.Kaibab Division.Grand Cañon.”

By Thomas Moran.  Engraved by H. H. Nichols.  (Clarence E. Dutton, Tertiary History of the Grand Cañon District, U.S. Geological Survey Monograph 2, 1882, Plate XXXI.)



Volume 1.  Bibliography and Introduction

Front Matter

The Bibliography

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1  Bibliographical Publications

General and Particular-Interest Subjects

2.  General Publications—Historical, geographical, social, cultural, biographical, popular, and commonplace works

3.  The New York Times

4.  Memorials

5.  Publications For People With Disabilities

6.  Publications For and By Youth and Young Adults

7.  Fiction

8.  Verse

9.  Travel and Trail Guides

10.  Colorado River Guides

Specialized Material About the Lower Colorado River Region (below Grand Canyon)SEPARATE-COVERAGE GROUP

11.  Environment, Natural History, and Special Scientific, Technical, or Cultural Issues

12.  Water Supply, Management, and Policy

Human Affairs

13.  Administrative and Management Issues

14.  Sociology, Recreation, Education, Economics, and Related Subjects

15.  Health and Safety

16.  Archaeology and Cultural Resources

17.  Native Americans

Environmental, Biological and Earth Sciences

18.  Physical Environment

19.  Biology and Ecology

20.  Glen Canyon Environmental Studies Program

21.  Geology and Paleontology

22.  Hydrogeology of the Colorado River

23.  Geological Field Guides

24.  Geologic and Topographic Maps

Graphic, Audio and Digital Media

25.  [Introduction to the Cartobibliography]

26.  Audio-Visual Works

27.  Audio Works and Musical Scores

28.  Separate Imagery

29.  Computer and Interactive Media

Additional Guides

30.  Book Reviews and Similar Notices

31.  Newspaper Guide

32.  Marginalia

Volume 2.  Cartobibliography

[For a DETAILED table of contents for Volume 2, use button at the bottom of this frame]

Front Matter

Section 1.  Maps of the 16th–18th Centuries

Section 2.  Maps of the 19th–21st Centuries

Section 3.  Chronological List of All Items in Sections 1 & 2

Section 4.  Guides to Quadrangles Used for Topographic, Geologic, and Other Reference Maps of the United States and Mexico

Volume 3.  Grand Canyon: Colossal Mirror

Front Matter

Section 1.  Naming "Grand Canyons" Around the World, On Other Worlds, and In the Imagination

Section 2.  The Term "Grand Canyon" in Analogy, Metaphor, and Neology

Appendix.  Colorado River Nomenclature

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Grand Canyon of Arizona.  Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.  Colorado River Delta.  Delta del Río Colorado.  Bibliography.  bibliography of the Grand Canyon.  bibliography of the Colorado River.  Grand Canyon publications.  Colorado River publications.  Grand Canyon National Park.  Kaibab National Forest.  Lake Mead.  Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  Lake Havasu.  Lake Imperial.  Colorado River.  Grand Canyon.  Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.  Grand Canyon of Arizona.  Grand Canyon books.  Colorado River books.  Lower Colorado River.  Hoover Dam.  Boulder Dam.  Glen Canyon Dam.  Imperial Valley.  Valle de Mexicali.  Salton Sea.  Grand Canyon analogies.  Grand Canyon metaphors.  Grand Canyon biology.  Kaibab Plateau.  Grand Canyon Archaeology.  Grand Canyon poetry.  Juvenile books.  Fiction books.  Grand Canyon guides.  Hiking.   Rafting.  American Indians of the Grand Canyon.  Native Americans of the Grand Canyon.  Grand Canyon environment.  Grand Canyon ecology.  Colorado River hydrogeology.  Grand Canyon maps.  Grand Canyon music.  Colorado River music.  Newspapers of the Southwest. Balduin Möllhausen.  Joseph Christmas Ives.  Joseph C. Ives.  Steamboat Explorer.  Philadelphia.  Reaney, Neafie and Co.  Andrew J. Carroll.  Colorado River rapids.  Ecology of the Colorado River.  Earle Spamer.   Earle E. Spamer.   E.E. Spamer  Earle Edward Spamer.